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Confused about Federal Champion Ammo.

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Hello everyone.

I recently bought some Federal Champion Ammo. It's 40 S&W 180gr FMJ FN. I didn't realize until I bought it and got home that on the box it says "Do not use in firearms with ported barrels or ported recoil compensators". I have a G23C.

My confusion is that I bought the same ammo from wal-mart that does not have this warning. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no difference between the ammo. The two boxes are exactly the same except for the warning.

Has anyone else ran into this problem before? Should I just sell the ammo with the warning label since I can't return them or should I try shooting them anyway?
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Sounds like the manufacturer is primarily warning due to potential injuries to you if the bullet comes apart and shoots out the port, not so much damage to the gun.

I've not seen that warning before. If you were to shoot it, make sure you have good eye protection.

I have a 21C and recently acquired a non-ported barrel to use sometimes. Glockmeister fixed me up with that. If you decide to add a non-ported barrel to your collection, you could save the ammo for later.
Ported barrels have manufactured holes in the sides of the barrels that let the gases escape before the bullet reaches the end of the barrel. The "usual" is the non-ported barrel where the only opening is the muzzle of the barrel. A perceived value of the ported barrel is that the escaping gases can counteract the recoil effect and keep your aim steadier, I think. A negative is that the ported barrel shoots firelight and soot out the top of the barrel right in front of your eyes.

I suggest you use the terms in the search area of the forum to see conversations and to use Google to get explanations via Wikipedia, etc.
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