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Compensated or not?

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I plan on buying my 3rd Glock either a G22 or G23 and thinking about getting the compensated version.

Night sights are going to be installed but would like to know if the night sights and having the compensated version are a bad combo since the gases will be venting near the front sight thus getting it dirty.
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I personally have a compensated 357. In low light scenarios I could see the Comp versions cause trouble in theory. In actuality, I do not think it leads to transient night blindness.

However with that being said, the the recoil is a non-issue for me and I find the comp unnecessary. I shoot a 23 and 27 (40SW).
I would vote against putting night sights on a compensated barrel gun UNLESS you only plan to shoot it once or twice in self defense. I have a 21C and the front sight gets dirty quickly so I also have a 27 with night sights for CC. I used a 30 for a carry gun for awhile but it was bulky so I got a 26 but I was never really confident with its stopping power. Now they are relegated to GSSF with a 17 and optically equipted 24C.
I have tried several diff Firearms with holes or slots in the barrels, they are loud and punishing to the people around you, i have no use for any of them, George.
Thanks guys! Looks like it's going to be the Glock 23 RTF2 for me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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