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CMore sight/Carver mount

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SPF CMore sight/Carver mount


$250 USPS MO or +4% for PayPal
IIRC it is the 12moa dot.

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What model Glocks will the sight fit?
Have you got a picture of the sight on a Glock?
This is the Carver Competition Mount. Fits full size GLOCKs.

The CARVER Mount CMore Model has been master crafted to fit any of the following Glock Models: G17, G17L, G17C, G22, G22C, G24, G24C, G31, G31C, G34, G35 and G37. All mounts have interchangable parts to allow easy conversion to other CARVER Mount models. NOTE: Lowering the ejection port by .1000" is recommended for reliable ejection to allow ample space to eject the spent brass. Installation is easy and should not require gunsmith assistance. All parts of this mount are CNC machined from high quality aircraft aluminum. This model is the most popular Glock scope mount on the market.
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PRICE DROP to $225 USPS MO or +4% PP
1 - 6 of 6 Posts