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Cleanup again on aisle 5

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maybe this thread should be left open for later usage ... or close it like all the rest of them that have been done so.

Yahno, I have closed threads and removed posts, but not what like seems to be the frequency here, not sure what the big deal is with leaving them open, unless further comments are not welcome, which is close to censorship.

I staff on boards that have twice (and thrice) the activity as this board and have not closed as many threads as I have seen here.

Not pointing fingers just point out facts !
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And the double post is still there !

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He can remove it if he wants.
Just this morning I removed a douple post that was one minute apart ... I'm sure it was a technical glitch in the software. I did not leave it and then state that if the OP wanted it removed HE could remove it, I am a SuperMod there and it is my job to do things like that ......

I refuse to debate you on the aspects of your moderator responsibilities, Sir, if the current Administration can not pay enough attention, than certainly a lowly regular member, can not enlighten ....

Have a gud day.

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No inconvenience Ed, and no worry anymore, yah want to run a sloppy board, who am I to try and differ with you ...

Seems I have suddenly gone blind to anymore issues here, my time spent debating these issues, I could have already cleaned them up and kept moving.

Have a gud weekend.
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