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Welcome to the site Bear and congrats on your 26!

You don't want to overlube glocks.. just 3 drops will do it.
1 on the barrel
1 on the slide rails
1 where the trigger bar and connector join

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I like my G26.
My cleaning method isnt for everyone. But detail stripping tells me it works.
1. Hoppes in the barrel, i use the brush Glock includes in the box. (When it gets dirty, soak it in liquid laundry soap overnight. rinse.)

2. Hose off slide, recoil spring ass'y, and lower reseiver with brake cleaner. (No, it wont hurt the plastic if it is the non-chlorinated kind.) Scrub with toothbrush while still wet. Hose again. Attack gun with q-tips and finish off with rags and patches for the nooks. Air dry.
I have seen a video where the guy wraps a cleaning patch around the edge of a credit card and cleans the slide rails with that. That's a fine idea in my opinion and works better then a toothbrush (but i use both during cleaning).

I also saw another video where some poor guy thought it was a swell idea to use metal picks (i.e. dental pick type of picks you find at harbor freight) to clean the slide rails. That is a VERY BAD idea in my opinion. The only place i use metal cleaning implements is in the bore, with a brass bore brush occasionally.

3. 1 drop of grease (shooters choice or automotive moly based grease - the gun doesnt care which). On the points that mvician's diagram. Even Glock says that the most important lube point is the trigger bar, but it is not easy getting grease in there. Sometimes i substitute the grease at that lube point with a drop of break free. but i prefer grease.

4. No lube on firing pin or extractor spring, ever. Clean and dry

5. My 26 has jammed 5 times in about 300 rounds, 4 stove pipe and 1 failure to fire. All jams happened with fiocci ammo. My gun doesn't seem to like it. I posted this on glock talk and people said how they have used thousands of rounds of this brand and its flawless etc. but these jams were from two different boxes of fiocci. I don't buy that brand anymore.
Every other kind of ammo i have used functions flawlessly: pmc, winchester, remington, independance (this ammo was from a box i had stored in my garage for 13 years and functioned without fail.)

6. Regarding the famous 25 cent glock trigger job you may have heard about. I did it. It taught me two things , how to detail strip a glock, and that i didn't need to do the trigger polish job. There was really not much difference in the trigger pull afterwards.

Also many people say the gun will achieve the same result all by itself anyway, just from shooting. Your trigger will break in after a few hundred rounds and achieve the exact same result as the trigger polish job. Besides which, it is very easy to remove too much metal, even using only polish. So after having done it, i think there's probably little reason to bother with that.
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