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Chiappa's Rhino

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So I received my copy of Guns and Ammo today in the mail and on the cover is one of the ugliest guns I have ever seen. The cover shows a new revolver called the Rhino made by Chiappa.

Here is a write up on it from Gun Holster and Gear.

Most revolvers are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. I just can't picture myself ever owning something like this. I also noticed that the barrel is at the bottom of the frame, giving a very long distance between the barrel and the front sight. I can't see how this would make for a better sight picture as the magazine claims.
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For that price I could almost buy 2 more Glocks. Looks like a POS I just disposed of, called a .......gulp....Hi Point 9, however it was a way cheaper POS!:eek:
Now Rowdie, I own a Hi Point...Certainly not anywhere near a Glock, I'll be the first to admit. But it's proven to be a good little accessory... and it was very inexpensive to pick something up for 9MM rounds. But I know what you're sayin'. My worst complaint is the plastic rear sight. Will probably order a metal one aftermarket, for $18. Has windage and elevation. Still, Glock is what I trust!
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