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Cell Phones

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What are you guys using? What is the right place to start looking.

Been looking at the Droid-X ..... verizon

I like the iPhone but not AT&T ... ;)
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I have a regular Droid and wife has the droid incredible.. she had a droid but it broke - then was able to get the incredible through insurance :)

Both are great - better than iphone/att ;)
I just got rid of AT&T. I went Ntelos. Got alot more from them and alot cheaper too. As long as I get good coverage with them all will be well.
I have a Tmobile MyTouch. It sucks, and so does the service. Dropped calls, phone frequently lags and I have to force close programs.
I currently have an HTC Windows Mobile phone and like it, but it will be my last Windows Mobile phone. I'm going to go for a Google Android phone next time... Probably an HTC Droid of some kind... I like HTC phones and their front end... Model depends on who you choose as a carrier...

The new iPhone has some antenna design issues... they're looking at a possible recall... It's a nice phone, but I'd avoid it...
I have an iphone 3gs. Love the phone hate att, but its the only carrier around here that has good service. Hey Tailhunter buy an iphone and unlock it. Then you can use it on whatever carrier you choose.
I use the Droid Eris by HTC, and Verizon service. So far no complaints, I too am thinking bout getting a Droid X but im sure there will be something bigger and better by the time Im able to get a free upgrade.
I have a LG cookie. at the moment.
my phone changes like every few months. I had a iphone( jailbroken)
I picked up the Droid X on monday ... so far I really like it.
another one using the HTC windows mobile (WM5), an old 8525 :cool:
Tmobile used to be the best for signal in Albuquerque, Verizon has came along and stole their thunder, but I've been with Tmobile for 7 years and have loyalty discounts and crap. I might would switch if I wasn't moving to Germany, I can use Tmobile there. In Albuquerque, Tmobile's 3G sucks bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Verizon gets reception everywhere, even in the basement/Blood Lab of the VA hospital.
I have a Motorola Droid and love it. I'd go with Verison. Good signal, a lot of people have, save mins. w/ M2M, never had to wrestle with them of anything. Oh is just to tickle you fancy, I'm on the family plan and we have our cell phones, house lines, cable, and internet with them. Simply [email protected]$$. 1 bill for all that stuff.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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