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Recently, I wanted to modify the CAA Gear Roni Micro Stabilizer for Suppressor use.

The opening of the enclosure was too narrow for a Can on a standard Glock 19.

I have seen people cut the plastic opening. Not something I wanted to do.

Thanks to Solscud a Youtuber and reviewer, and LOS from AR15DotCom suggesting some mods, I did what I did.

I acquired a 10" threaded barrel from YRS, Inc, by IGB Austria. It protrudes beyond the Roni frame for my Suppressor.

In summary, I tried different brands of ammo, but the Roni as it stood, was not working with the suppressor. I was getting FTE after FTE. It was OK without a can (limited test of 10 with 1 FTE)...

I initially changed the Guide rods and spring, thinking the higher power spring was creating resistance causing the FTE. I saw a YouTube video of someone with a 16" using the mod which appeared to work. But again, FTE after FTE so back to the drawing board.

I ended up cutting the Concussion device as was suggested, as the barrel was contacting it. I could see a small segment of wear on the top margin of the barrel.

You see the rub point on the dorsal barrel margin.

I took off the excess steel, but questions were raised if the barrel would still contact the concussion device.

It was not pretty, either.

I mounted it onto my Bench vise and I let the dremel have its way. Because of the protruding end of the Concussion device I was just going to cut it first, then trim the edges.

I sanded and polished the near finished piece.

The daunting task of reassembly was intimidating.

Because the rail screws did not loosen I did not bother removing them.

I placed the detent spring of the rail release and pushed the parts together, and I hammered with a plastic mallet.

The rest was easy

I now have clearance for the barrel.

So I went from this:

To this:

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