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There has been some discussion on what do you carry, what do you keep in your car, and what is in your bug out bag.

I decided to make some changes in mine today.

Besides a S&W 6906 with one mag I added two 15 round mags to the bag.

Added a Rossi .38 special 5 shot.

Of course the necessary items, shovel, Glock sawback knife, binoculars, hand crank led flashlight, water filter straw, medical aids, emergency blanket, and decided I needed a couple boxes of ammo to help me get by until I can make other arrangements for ammo.

I am not packin the silver tip, just wanted to brag on it, I loaded a 100 rounds just to see how it worked, not in the pic is 3 boxes of .38 special along with 3 boxes of 9mm, one being the box of Black Talon that is open. (and the shotshells). Yes it did make the BOB heavy, but I will deal with that, instead of using my guns for clubs when the ammo is gone from the mag in the gun.

(MtS, the yellow card upper left hand corner is the guest pass to the range for you)


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I did a post awhile back and "crowd sourced" input on a 72 hour + bug out list of what to have. Below for anyone interested is the collective of info:

Large/Robust First Aid Kit
OTC Medicines / Prescriptions
Toiletry / Hygiene Supplies
Personal Protection & Supplies - Concealable & Non
Clothing - Layer System
Basic Utensils / Can Opener
Established Family Plan of meeting and back up and rendevous points
Emergency Radio with Hand Crank
Flashlights - Battery and Hand Crank Variety / Headlamps / Glow Sticks
Sterno / Butane Lighters / Fire Starter / Waterproof Matches
Mylar Sleeping Bags
Rain Ponchos
Tarp and/or Large Construction Trash bags
Duct Tape
Zip Ties / Wire
Multi Tool
Basic Hand Tools
Fishing Gear
Big Red's Deluxe Modified Spark Plug to Break and Scribe Glass (added here 'cause I was impressed with this bit of McGyver-ology
Phones, Charger Cords, Back Up Emergency Power Source
2 Way Radio
Signal Whistles
Stobe Light
Particle Filter Masks
NBC Gas Mask (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)
Water Purifiers / System
Copies of Driver's Licenses, Marriage Cert, Birth Certs, Passports, Proof of Home Residency Key Insurance & Account Numbers - do NOT label, and "hide" within other numbers
Cash - Small Denominations / Credit Cards
Precious Metals - Coins & Jewerly
Deck of Cards or Crossword Puzzles for entertainment and note making / leaving
Sharpie Pens
Vehicle - Equip with air inflator, tire seal, check spare, hose mending tape, quart of oil, spare fuses (some vehicles have these already from MFR) two 5 gallon gas cans, siphon (use to pull gas, brake fluid, coolant etc from donor vehicle), small & large funnel

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My BOB is a backpack that I can carry on me.

I am hoping my vehicle will be part of the plan, but in case of me having to be on foot ...

I want to add a small tent to the package.

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Shoulder holster for S$W and a generic owb clip on for the .38.

White Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel
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