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Brand New Gun/Glock Owner From Los Angeles, CA

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Hello everybody. Just want to introduce myself to what I expect to be a helpful and supportive community. So I've purchased my first gun and am now a proud Glock 17 owner. I'm really looking forward to picking it up on tuesday from the gun shop here in Los Angeles. I feel like I got screwed for some money with these California handgun prices/fees but after doing some "post" research on my Glock, and reading on how reliable and durable these guns really are, I really don't feel too bad about getting taxed for being a California handgun owner. I'm glad I found a place where people share the same interest as me. Thanks in advance!
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Hey GlockNoob! Welcome to the site.. thanks for joining up!
Welcome! I am not sure how much experience you have with guns but I highly recommend signing up for some defensive handguns courses. They are held at Angeles Shooting Range in Sylmar and Burrows Canyon in Azuza.

I've taken 1 class with ITTS and the 2nd class I'm currently doing. Yesterday we did some basic drills from the last class, malfunction drills, shooting on the move, and different shooting positions. Today it's more drills and night shooting. Today's class is from 3pm-10pm.

I've also signed up for more handgun classes with Modern Defense and Falcon Security.

So try not to waste your money on ammo and using it at the range. Buy some extra mags, a gun holster, mag holster, and take some classes. You will learn a lot! Trust me.
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