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Best IWB holster for 23

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Looking for opinions on what might be the best IWB CCW holster for my 23. Im looking for something that would position at the right rear of my back with a nice top-forward cant. Thanks for any opinions.
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I use a Mtac, Crossbreed Supertuck and a Galco summer comfort. You can adjust the cant on the Mtac and CBS but not the Galco.
Boomer, I agree with dprice on the m-tac, the adjustability and comfort works for me. Can't comment on any other fine holsters out there, since it's the only one I have.
I like the Milt Sparks leather holsters myself. Also, like the Galco. I tend to favor leather though
I like leather too. Whats the usual ride height? I was thinking of something that puts the grip just above the pant line.
Good thread, I have some questions too if you dont mind.

How does the 23 work for CCW? I ask because my FNP-9 doesnt work to well. You can either see the barrel through the pants, see the handle, or it makes me look like I have a giant tumor on my hip.

BTW, I like my Blackhawk inside the pants holster, its just my current pistol that sucks for CCW. (not that it matters cuz were not carrying at work just yet, very soon though)
The Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe works for my G19 and SA Micro .45LW better than any I have owned. I wear it with just my shirt tucked in and no cover garment. I use a Blackhawk Inside the Pocket holster for my Keltec P3AT (380).

have fun, be careful and don't get none on ya!
Yeah Baby ... Mtac


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I can only recommend the MTAC as that is only one I have ever used. It is very adjustable..cant, height and retention are all adjustable, as well as there are different belt clip styles and colors to choose from. They are also all hand made to the actual gun you select...not using a mold or casting, they use the actual gun.
What about the grip rubbing on skin, especially if sandpaper type grips are involved? Do you usually wear an undershirt?

Im not an undershirt kinda guy, and was thinking of an IWB holster that had leather which went between the body and grip.

Also, do you always carry with IWB holster? I ask because I sometimes just stick my 27 in my waist band and leave it, its all tight enough and the gun doesnt move. Im a pee through the fly type of guy, so Im not worried about messing with my waist band to go to the bathroom. And, If I gotta drop-em for a #2, I make sure Im in a bathroom with a stall.
Also, thanks for all the suggestions so far. Im considering a CBST or MTAC for my 23/27.
I keep my 27 in a Galco Walkabout holster, I like the spare mag holder built onto it, and it's leather. I would think one for a 23 would be just as nice. You guys got me looking at an MTAC though, maybe the Minotaur Spartand version
i have two kydex iwb's, one galco, can't recall the other, both with tension screws.

why two, different trigger guards on the two 229's, one rounded on the sas2/no rail and square on the sct/rail, so tension isn't the same for both.

so i use a nylon, #16 uncle mike's for the 23, both 229's, p6 and g27. it's comfortable, enough tension between my body and the holster.
I would recommend a CrossBreed Supertuck for any Glock.
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