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Best Generation Glock

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How about it guys and gals? Lets talk about what gen we think is best. The only Glock I own is gen3. Also the only one I have fired. Compared to my 1911's which I still own my Glock is a better preformer by far. Again thanks to Rob for this great forum and Bobbi for helping him and her support.
Play safe and share your knowlege.
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Mine's the Gen3 also - the finger grooves and rails make them my choice to go with..
I have several Glocks, i like the first gen the best, dont ask me why, George.
My G-30 is a Gen3. Pretty sweet.
If they put the 2nd gen frame on some 3rd gen internals ... well, I would buy a few. That being said, I like the 3rd the best so far.
this is my 1st 23/gen3 and all my sigs have hogue finger grooves so it's what i'm used to.
I am REALLY liking the Gen 4s
Yeah I must say the gen 4's are pretty sweet, by far the most comfortable grip of any Glock I have ever picked up..That bieng said they do have a few kinks that need to be ironed out.
I have a gen2 and mostly owned gen3s. I love them both. Would love to love a Gen4, but I have no monies for one right now. But if I could have a my perfect Glock, I think Id go for a 22 consisting of a gen2 3 pin frame with RTF2 texture and RTF2 slide and a set of XS Big Dots. Two toned, OD Green slide over black frame. Extended mag release and ambi mag release. Thats just if I could.
I've go one gen. 1 and three gen. 3s: I could live without the finger grooves.
Gen 3 -I could have had an RTF2 or a gen 4 but didn't care for the feel of the T in RTF.
I prefer 3rd generation. I think my 4th gen sucks overall, other than the grips which are really good, like sandpaper. wish i could say the same about the back straps........nightmare.
Since I only own 1 Glock a new G19 which I guess is a 3rd Gen. They get my vote
i think glock would have a home run on their hands if they marketed the Gen3's without finger grooves.....
I have a Gen 3 22, 27 and a Gen 4 22. The Gen 4 is starting to become my favorite.
Like with all things "best" is in the eye of the beholder. I like the third gens. I like some of the changes the fourth gens have to offer, but I'm not sold on the texture of the grips.
It must be those sensitive hands you have. I'm good to go with the 4th Gen grips and I like the mag release much better. I also have a 3rd Gen and the only complaint I have on it is that I need a larger mag release. I can't drop the mag without moving my firing grip and I don't want to do that, so off to order an extended release.
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