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This is similair to the other post, but I just wanted to open this up for my self. So I have a G23, and I wanted to get a extended barrel. Again what is a good aftermarket brand, I wanna know like the best out there. And with a extended barrel would I need to change or replace anything else on the gun?
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Also what about the ported barrels, I have seen some that have 2 ports, 4 ports and even 6 ports. What are the ports for?
Welcome to the forum. As far as aftermarket parts everyone knows I prefer stock Glock period. If you want after market parts do a google search and you will get all the info you need. I have friends that have used after market barrels and like them, but I have not so I will not offer an opinion.
I have a KKM 357 sig conversion barrel on my G23. And I havnt had a single issue with it yet. I have shot 300 rds through it so far.
I think besides factory barrels, Storm Lake and KKM barrels are the best and there are also Lone Wolf and Bar-Sto barrels. If you want extended, you can get a G22 length barrel or there are a couple of different extended lengths. Ports are for helping to reduce muzzle jump/rise which aids in quicker follow up shots. But, there are a couple of downs to them(ports), if your main reason for getting an extended barrel is for the ports. Some of the ports, depending on the direction will throw gas out in a direction that dirties up your front sight if you rely on a colored or night sight. Also, max efficiency will be lost out of the extended barrel because the ports allow some of the gas to escape the pipe before the bullet does. Hope this helps, Happy Shootin.
Thanks everyone, I think I will have to think this trough, because there is a lot of information here and things that I didn't know before.
You can just look at Boomers avatar and see what those ports are suppose to do... make a heck of a flash in the dark!!!!
You can't use a G22 barrel in a G23. The barrel lugs are different. Lone Wolf has extended barrels. There is a Canadian length for a G23. (Canada has a restriction on how short a handgun barrel can be). They also have G22 and G35 length barrels with G23 barrel lugs. You can also get them blackened and blind marked.
KKM and Bar sto are IMO a couple of the best out there in terms of aftermarket
I dont think there is a huge difference in the aftermarket barrels. I have shot several guns with lonewolf barrels and they worked great, and are cheap. That being said they also have the sweet looking compensators that you can use on the threaded barrels.
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