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Asshat pointed a loaded .45 at me at the range the other day

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...and boy was i pissed! i yelled "whoa! watch where you're pointing that!!". it was a taurus 1911, and he had his finger on the trigger too! :mad:

i went and told my buddies that work there and they told the guy guns cannot be loaded at the back table, only on the firing line (a rule that's in writing that this group of three imbeciles chose to ignore). they promptly cleaned up their brass and left (prob because i was giving them dirty looks lol).

sorry, but starring point blank down the barrel of a loaded .45 with an idiot at the other end is one of my pet peeves.

anyone else have their life threatened at the range due to careless people?

(sorry if my thread title needs to be edited, wasn't sure lol)
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Don Glock said:
anyone else have their life threatened at the range due to careless people?
At least he didn't shoot at you!

I was downrange checking a target during a cease fire when I heard shooting. I looked over and on lane #1 some numbskull was shooting. These idiots believed they were doing nothing wrong.

One time I was at an indoor range and looked over and watched a competitive target shooter point his target handgun at me, start loading it, and realize it was pointed down the line. He apologized profusely and it didn't happen again that day. I was nice about it.

Then there was the moron loading guns outside the shooting booth. He had a SIG on the table (slide closed, magazine inserted)...pointed straight back at his belly or door to the range (depending upon whether or not he was standing in front of the gun). I pointed it out and he didn't see anything wrong. I was not so nice in that instance.

I was the last guy on a range where a guy committed suicide. I remember he was shooting a heavy revolver and not doing too much shooting. I left and got a call the next day. I just feel sorry for the poor RO who had to close the range that night.
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