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Asshat pointed a loaded .45 at me at the range the other day

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...and boy was i pissed! i yelled "whoa! watch where you're pointing that!!". it was a taurus 1911, and he had his finger on the trigger too! :mad:

i went and told my buddies that work there and they told the guy guns cannot be loaded at the back table, only on the firing line (a rule that's in writing that this group of three imbeciles chose to ignore). they promptly cleaned up their brass and left (prob because i was giving them dirty looks lol).

sorry, but starring point blank down the barrel of a loaded .45 with an idiot at the other end is one of my pet peeves.

anyone else have their life threatened at the range due to careless people?

(sorry if my thread title needs to be edited, wasn't sure lol)
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A main reason I all but refuse to go to a public range. I have gone before but I'm so worried the entire time I'm there I can't enjoy shooting. The last time I went, there were two young ladies in the stall next to mine. They had apparently never touched a firearm before and they were having trouble racking the slide, loading mags, etc. They had rented the firearm from the range and was sent in there with a box of ammo, eyes and ears. I spent almost the entire time helping them so I wouldn't get shot in the back.
I have been kinda of lucky around here as I have a nice private outdoor range that's not too far of a drive. JL did a write up on it awhile back. I have also had the use of my Local Sheriff Office's range on the first Saturday of every month. While this is open to the "local public" they watch is like a hawk with Range Officers. It used to have a rather light turnout and once they learned who they could trust, you were allowed to do things like shoot on the move, close range, etc..

The Sheriff range actually just closed down for the winter. This sucks as I enjoy shooting there and the last time they closed for Winter, they didn't re-open for almost 2 years. They claim they will re-open March 2011.

The private outdoor range has separate shotgun, pistol/rimfire and rifle ranges. Going on a weekday is usually best as there is often no one there. The board of the range is ran mostly by older guys who's main focus is always skeet/trap, so they aren't very fond of any type of "tactical" stuff. I'm hoping as younger members apply and are accepted that this will change. When I say tactical, I'm referring to shooting on the move, drawing from concealment, close quarters training etc.. JL was able to get them to agree to NRA Training Course being held there, which is a start.
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I avoid private indoor ranges like the plague. We've had 3 or 4 range-suicides (with rented guns) down here. The public range at Markham Park is run by a bunch of range officers that like to throw their weight around..... but ya know what? It's OK with me. They don't put up with any yahoos and I've seen people removed from the firing line and off the range for unsafe practices. Markham is run very well, and safe. Not only can you get shot at private range, you can also walk out of there with black-lung.

PS.... " the range recently started a policy of having an employee walk the range every 20 mins--that's great! so if i'm shot, my corpse will be discovered in no more than 20 mins. " Since you can bleed out in less than 6 minutes, be sure to get a lane near the donuts.
Most of the indoor ranges around here are public and where much of the issues occur. A person can by a membership to the indoor range so they don't have to pay for each visit, or eyes/ears if they have to rent them but they still will be standing by someone who may have never touched a firearm before. Most of the outdoor ranges around here are private. The one I belonged to required meeting attendance, safety sign offs on each area and fees paid, of course.
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