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Any Idea on Glock's Web Site and the Glock g21sf?

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I have been looking for information on the Glock 21SF. Naturally I went to their web site. Nothing there?

Yet I see posts about the g21sf al the time.

So, is it real?
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Glock's website is terrible as far as showing the latest Glocks available.. the 21sf has been out for quite a while and they have no mention of it there... along with a lot of other models.

I'd love to make a listing w/ pictures/descriptions of glocks available on here but still thinking how to implement it..

Stop by a couple local gun shops and take a look at the 21sf. I'm sure one of em would have it..

Yes the G21SF is real, I have one. Love it. More accurate then I can shoot it. If you have a mediumish sized hands the feel is a lot different than a regular 20/21. I have medium sized hands and my 21SF feels lots more comfortable, stable and locked in my hand than my G20 does. Definitely recommended, there are lots on Also, the other SFs are the 20SF & 29SF which are 10MMs and there is a 30SF which is the Sub-Compact 45. The SF really does make a difference if you arent large handed. One other thing is that the 21SF has and ambi mag release and has to use a specific to SF ambi mag release mag. Hope this helps, Happy Shootin.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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