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Another new guy

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Hello everyone, my name is Matt, and I'm from CT. I own 4 Glocks at the moment and try to use them about every other weekend. I love guns and cars, and hope to become a Glock armorer at some point. I love tear glocks down and put them back together for fun.
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Glad you have you with us glockman. Feel free to make yourself at home and dont hesitate to ask if you need too. Post up some pictures of your shooters too, if you have the chance. Happy Shootin! Boomer.
welcome from az
Welcome to the Glock Forums, GlockMan...
Welcome-- good to see another experienced future armorer, especially since I'm neither yet.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Welcome, which Glocks do you own?
Welcome to the site glockman! Thanks for joining up!
Welcome, which Glocks do you own?
17, 21SF, 30 OD, 22 4th gen
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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