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Another New Guy (and new Glock owner)

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Hello everyone. Today the wife surprised me (birthday this Sunday) with my first Glock. It's a 30SF and I'm really looking forward to shooting it this weekend. Oh, and being on here too! :)

I'll post a pic soon (promise).
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Welcome LDO from NW Indiana. That's a very cool Birthday Present. Have fun with it!
Sweet. My wife bought me a new G23 for my birthday last year.
Welcome to the site LDO! The 30sf is the best glock made IMO - can't wait to see the pics!
Welcome to the forum. Purchased my first Glock a 19 this last March. I LOVE IT.....
As promised gents.....

Here's what my 7 yard (approx) target looked like. The pasted shots are from a previous shooter...HONEST!

Cool shot of my 9yr old sighting in his 22. I think he needs an ammo can or sumthin to rest his feet!
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Welcome from MN. Sounds like your wife is a keeper.
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