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Ankle holster

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Can anyone recomend a good quality and comfortable ankle holster? Ive been thinkin about carryin my G26 as a back up at times. Would really like to find a good ankle holster. Ive never carried that way before and dont even know if I would like it. But Im gona give it a shot.
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Personally i would steer away from ankle carry if you ca help it. They are almost impossible to get to fast and drawing some what quickly requires you to pretty much drop to the ground on a knee. This takes away your ability to defend yourself and move if you need to.

If you find yourself in a weapons retention senerio how are you going to get to your backup on the ankle.

Should you find yourself needing your back up and having to fight your way to cover or an exit, how do you draw and shoot while moving?

I would look for a better option if one is readily available.
I dont really know of any other options. I dont think itd be all that comfortable carrying 2 guns on my waist. The only time I would be carrying on ankle would be for a back up to my G19 on rare ocassions.
If you decide to carry there make sure you practice drawing from it and be mindful if you get into a situation and need it, where your stopping to draw.
Will do. Thanks for the insight.
I am not really a fan of the whole ankle thing either. If I am going to carry to guns I normally carry my whatever in my waist and carry a mouse gun (Desert Eagle Micro) in my pocket. I just don't see any benefit at all to ankle carry. You can't move while trying to get it out and into the fight. It takes alot of practice to become remotely quick. Even then it is still slow and you are bowing down to get it taking your eyes off the target if even for a second could spell disaster. That is my opinion on the but you know what they say about opinions.
I personally never tried to carry like that, but my Bride has at times. She carries a S&W airweight and she said it can be hard to get to. With practice she does a lot better now. I say if you want to try it..go for it!! Carrying two guns are better than one and you gotta hide'em somewhere anyways! Let me know how that works out for you if you do try it!
rydd2...over and out
you said at times? how else does she carry?
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