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TheLaw said:
OK, so I'm a pretty smart guy and I'm usually very Tech Savvy but this Sprint HTC Evo is baffling me. I decided tonight to connect it to my PC for the first time. I was hoping to transfer some ring tones, pictures and those types of things over. I downloaded the HTC Sync software and connected the phone via the PC cable. All is well. Once connected, all I was able to do is sync my calendar and contacts which I am already doing wirelessly through work email or load apps. I can't see the SD card or any folder structure etc..

Thoughts or suggestions to the mode advanced Droid users out there?
I have a Motorola DroidX Android phone, so it might be a bit different than your phone.

I haven't downloaded any cellular file manager or transfer software. When I connect my Droid to my PC it shows up as a new drive letter. I can navigate through all the folders on my cell phone and the SD card in Windows Explorer.

I loaded some videos on my SD card using this method and the Android Gallery app can play them fine. Try managing things from your PC.
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