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AIWB holster recommendation for Sig 238 & now a G26

I picked up a SIG P238 earlier this year and needed a new carry rig. My first call was to Tim Thurner of TT Gunleather. Tim’s my go-to leather guy and at the time was one of the few holster makers with a P238 mold. Unfortunately, none of his existing designs were exactly what I wanted for this little pistol.

I explained to Tim what I wanted. I wanted a straight drop holster with a single loop to primarily be used for AIWB. I had a few other specs as well. I asked Tim what he thought about my idea, what he would suggest differently, and if he was interested in making me a true custom to meet my needs. He not only took the challenge but told me he was excited to do it. He explained he loves the design part of making holsters as the every day production work can get mundane at times. I would compare it to an artist such as Picasso painting his same masterpieces over and over each day. They're all going to be amazing but I can only imagine how boring that would get for old Pablo.

So fast forward a few months ….

After wearing this holster extensively for a couple of months with a P238 I couldn’t say enough good things about it. In the past I have gone into great detail when writing holster reviews but will spare you all the words this time. However, I will share some pics and give you some bullet points outlining what I love about this holster. This is basically the list of specs I sent to Tim when we started the project.

> straight drop for AIWB but can be easily worn in other positions (I've split my time so far between AIWB and 3 o'clock and both are equally comfy)
> single snap belt loop with one way snap, loop is wide enough for good stability and is attached with two screws so it doesn't twist/rotate from the holster body, belt loop can be replaced in the event you need to change belt sizes
> full coverage of trigger and entire trigger guard area
> access to mag release button without removing or even partially removing pistol from the holster
> sweat shield provides comfort so the thumb safety and hammer doesn't rub against bare skin when worn underneath a untucked shirt
> open bottom to allow moisture and debris to not trapped
> compact, thin overall package
> holds pistol close in to body
> steel reinforced top, allows for easy one handed re-holstering and adjustable tension
> the holster rides the perfect height to allow a full firing grip during the draw
> fantastic looking holster as I've come to expect from Tim

Tim had my repeat business already. This masterpiece reminded me once again exactly why. He must have liked it to as he added it to his website as a regular production item. He even used the pictures I sent him after I received the holster. That is/was my P238 you see on his site.

So after carrying/shooting this pistol for a while I decided I really wanted a true pocket gun. The P238 is just a bit too thick and heavy for my pref. I ended up selling the pistol and going a different route (yet another Ruger LCP). The holster was reluctantly sold.

I started thinking though … why not get Tim to make me another one but for a G26.

Once again Tim delivered an awesome holster per my request (and subsequently added the sub-compact GLOCKs to his list of options for this holster model). Admittedly, the thickness of the GLOCK means it doesn’t conceal quite as well for me under just a t-shirt in the AIWB position. The P238 was invisible. With an untucked button down or other cover garment the G26 works well. I have found I wear this one more in the 3 o’clock position than I did with the much smaller P238. That will change with the season … if it ever drops below 90 degrees down here in Dixie.

I refer to this project as a collaboration between Tim and me. I spec’d it and he did the pencil and paper design, as well as, the manufacture. I don’t get commission or royalties off this holster so don’t anyone think this is a sales pitch. It’s just me sharing my recommendation for a great holster and a great holster maker.

Pics are limited to 4 each so I put them in separate posts.
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