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Air Farce Beaurocracy or Just Kirtland AFB Stupidity?

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So, I needed to have some paperwork signed by my Wing Commander as well as the Command Chief (Highest Enlisted guy in our wing). I should have known it would be a pain in the butt since anything just going to our Squadron Commander can be nit picked to death. This letter had to actually go through my Squadron, First Sergeant, Commander then on through our Group, then Group Commander and then finally to our Wing, Wing Command Chief and Wing Commander. Now, more than 15 people had to see this letter, so it had to be perfect. The letter looked good, since our Commander's secretary helped us out, due to my leadership not having a clue. The letter made it out of my Squadron and I carried it over to our Group Commander's office to let his secretary look it over and get it signed. Well, the secretary was out, so I had the Executive Officer help me out, he's a First Lieutenant, this fool actually broke out a ruler and started measuring crap on the paper. Give me a break, this letter was time sensitive, but that doesn't matter, it has to be perfect, down to the milimeter. To top it all off, the Vice Group Commander denied the request to defer a class that I had been signed up for and wanted to defer it due to possibly having to move to Spain. The Vice said that I could go to the class and return on December 9th and leave to move my family and myself to Spain on December 10th. WOW, come on Air Farce, can you get any more dumberer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: Situations like this make me wonder why I continue on with my career, it's hard not to be willing to throw away almost 15 years of service.
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Wow, brings back memories.
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