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4th Gen G19

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Well, I got in my 4th Gen G19 a few days ago. I have been working too much to get the chance to take it out to the range but I did go ahead and put trijicons on it. Before I left for work I threw a couple of boxes of S&B ammo in the car my sight pusher just in case and the range bag. On my way home I was tired like always but had made my mind up that I was going to shoot Gaston's newest release to the gun world.

So, I stopped at the range and set up a target. Nothing fancy just a saucer sized paper plate stapled to the end of a foot lont 2x4. Put it out about 40 feet from me and started shooting my new toy. It shot nice. No jams no problems what so ever out of it. It was not as soft shooting as my Gen 4 G17 is but it was still softer than the Gen 3 G19.

Of course, it was accurate stock 5.5lbs trigger pull was what I have come to expect from Glock Stock triggers. I have nothing negative to say about the gun or how it perfromed today. But I did only put 100 rounds through it. I will have to see if that continues or not. I am sure it will though. All in all I am happy with it:cool:
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Thanks for your review of the G19 Gen 4, you said it felt a bit softer than the Gen 3 so I wondered if this was the only difference you noticed?
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