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2nd Generation Glock 17L Spotted

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Had a look yesterday at a MV Date Code 2nd generation Glock 17L that was in pretty nice condition for being 20 years old & the seller was asking $475 OTD..
I will see him again after Christmas..
BTW it didn't have the case or 15/17 round magazines etc but did come with one G18 33 round factory magazine..
Also I saw two early 17L tupperware cases for sale at a guys table at one of the local gunshows for $15ea.. Hope there still available if I end up picking the 17L up..
Would $475 be a decent price for a MV date coded = April 1990 G17L in 92% condition with only the one magazine??
I've always liked the feel of the 2nd Generation Glocks as the finger grooves just don't feel right to my hand..
I also have noticed that the earlier G17s took a different slide stop lever with a tab on it that is different than the current style that I have a couple of in my stash of parts..

What say ye?? What would this Longslide 9mm be worth in todays market??
I've wanted a G17L since 1988 & being here we are 22 years later..

Also wonder if this Glock would need the upgrade of the firing pin & parts that came about in 1992??

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It's much harder to gauge "market value" on hard to find items. If you like it and have wanted one for that long it's probably worth what they were asking. I personally would see if you could get him to throw in a couple of mags if possible. I don't get hung up on boxes unless it's something I think I will flip later.
Thanks for the reply VolGrad
Like I said the tuperware case means nothing being I can pick one up for $15, IF I come across them again that is..
I know there's new G34s out there but I don't care for the 3rd Generation Finger Grooves & this G17L looks like it was shot some 15-20 years ago & has since been in this guys safe ever since..
It has very little wear on the barrel, I'd guess 200-1000 rounds..
Of course for me I'd want a new set of springs etc but could maybe make it to a GSSF match next year sometime & have the parts installed for free or get them to sent them to a Certified Glock Armourer around here For FREE.. Or The Glock Doctor at one of the Gunshows..
I didn't get a chance to "Open Er Up" but would think it would have the older firing pin, trigger bar etc & the non captured recoil spring & guide rod & to also so if the 3.5lb "-" connector is still in it..
I'll also note that the 17Ls have a bit taller rear sight than any other Glock & I'll possibly end up with a Dawson Fiber Optic Front.. Bet I could ask around & find a factory adjustable rear sight for little or nothing if someone has one in their stash of parts..
Also this 17L doesn't have the porting like some of the early 1988 ones did..
I always figured I'd end up melting my front sights off with those ports anyway..
It did also have the extended magazine release button too, But had standard looking rear fixed sight..
I'll have to have a long talk with the owner in a few weeks & see If He can come up with some magazines or come down on the price because all the extras are missing..
I've always liked to get the factory case etc. with a handgun but they end up being stored as they aren't user friendly with range bags etc anyhow..
They do make the package worth more IMO because when a gun is sold it is complete..
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