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1000th registered user today?

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So - only 4 more users to sign up to have the 1000th registered user!

I deleted one user so far.. so the user numbers don't exactly match.. but the stats say we have 996 users.. and the last guy to register has #997..

so maybe 3 more.. depending on how you look at it. :)

Today? Tomorrow?
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Buddy of mine is bout to sign up he says. He's in Iraq, so it might take him a minute or two before he gets the chance. ;)
Very cool! The 1,000th member to sign up gets.......

to be the 1,000th member. :)
1,000 members...

That's pretty cool...
Wow.. I just looked we have over 1300 members..
Wow.. I just looked we have over 1300 members..
Right! I tried to talk Rob into giving every member on the site a new Glock when we
reached 1000 members. Somehow that didn't work out! :confused:
I like Rowdie's idea.

Rob any thoughts on that? :)
That's not to unreasonable rowdie. that should be the least thing to do.
Nice to see growing... Lots of new members... new vendors... things are looking up!
Uh oh better watch out... everybody will be doing it then it wont be cool anymore haha
Oops.. up to 1500!

That was pretty quick!
Yeah - 12 months to get to 1000 ... 3 more months to get to 1500! We should hit 2000 by Aug 4th!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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