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02 spring

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I got my 02 spring in the mail today jb you should probably be getting yours too I think we ordered them the same day. If not today then watch for it soon. I will post up a report after I get to take it to the range with some low pressure rounds
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Can't wait to hear if it helps or not ......
I will post up something about it after I get the chance to take it out. Hopefully in the morning if it isn't raining.
Well, I took it out this morning on my way home from work. Along with 100 of my low pressure competition rounds that were not wanting to work with the other spring. The gun went through all 100 of the rounds without a single problem at all. My problems are solved. I am once again happy and look forward to getting this gun into the matches.
Glad to hear it man, good luck in the matches.
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