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  1. Competition
    My whole life, I have been "above average" at just about every sport of competitive endeavor I have ever done—golf, baseball, auto racing, mountain bike racing, karting, darts—you name it. Just good enough to enjoy it, but not good enough to compete at any high level. I took up firearms last...
  2. Competition
    Can someone point me in the direction of the GSSF rules concerning sights and pistol classes? I am in the process of getting a G35 Gen4 and would like to change out the factory sights for a set of adjustable 3 dot sights by LPA. I have googled it, hit up the GSSF site, etc and have had no luck...
  3. G34

    Glock Pistols
    20 years ago an untrue rumor went thru my town which was handgun sales would be banned. So, I bought a G19 (gen 2) for my first CCW pistol. I never could get myself to like shooting it. I would only shoot it enough to remain proficient with it. It became just another tool in the tool box. Well...
  4. Competition
    Clatskanie (pronounced klat-skan-eye) is a little town up near the Columbia River in Oregon, quite a bit west of Portland. The gun club there has a nice facility a few miles out of town, and they advertised a USPSA match for today, so two friends and I ventured forth to compete. The club is...
1-4 of 4 Results