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  1. Survivalist
    I have been reevaluating my Bugout back and car kit since I just totaled my truck and am now driving a car. I had to clean everything out of my truck and once I had everything to go through I decided it was time to rethink some of my system. I ran across this and thought this was a clever...
  2. Survivalist
    Saw this on Modern Marvels tonight and went to check out their website. Looks like a valuable asset for survival.
  3. Parts
    Hand made by me using only USA produced commercial grade III 550 paracord, the good stuff with 7 inner strands, not the cheap Chinese made stuff. Also, I use only ITW Nexus buckles on the larger bracelets where a 5/8" or 3/4" buckle is needed. They cost me more, but are high quality. I am unable...
  4. Survivalist
    I'm just wondering how many of you carry a bug out bag with you...sometimes? All the time? Also what kind of goodies you carry? beanie weinies? Pork and beans? I'm sure everyone carries their choice of Glock stuff and ammo....What else?
1-4 of 4 Results