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  1. Non-Glock Firearms
    Bought one and really like it. The factory trigger is great. I had to get rid of the magazine safety. Very few guns have these and they are irritating to say the least. I ordered this one with a manual thumb safety. Yup... a thumb safety on a striker fire pistol. Bought it online from...
  2. Non-Glock Firearms
    The subject of this post is the Ruger LC9, a small 9mm, single-strike, double-action (only), magazine fed, recoil operated semi-auto pistol. There is a twin of the LC9 chambered in .380 ACP, logically called the LC380. · Magazine capacity: 7 rounds. Two magazines and one extended floor...
  3. Non-Glock Firearms
    Winter, the 8-month rainy season, is coming to Oregon. During the dry season, I do most of my informal target shooting at our gun club's outdoor action pistol ranges, practicing for USPSA matches by shooting Glocks (usually…) at cardboard and steel targets. For those of us not inclined to...
  4. Non-Glock Firearms
    Presented for your entertainment is a variant of the Ruger Mk III target pistol. This particular firearm began life as a Ruger Model 10101 pistol (, which is delivered with a 5.5" heavy target barrel, an adjustable rear sight...
  5. Non-Glock Firearms
    Like I said in the title I just bought a Ruger SR1911 to be the big brother to my G17. It's the Full size and I can't wait to actually have it in hand and to get it to the range. I am not a fan, usually, of stainless steel pistols but everytime I would look into picking up a 1911 I would always...
  6. All Other Firearms
    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have an Armi Sport (Italy) replica of an 1853 Enfield. (.577 caliber). Also have sling, Bullet mold, and around 20 minie bullets. (trade only, but value is $600) Want to trade for a Glock 19, 22, or 23. (gen 3 or 4 is fine with me) Glock 23 or 19 SMLE No4 Mk1 SMLE No1 Mk3...
  7. Non-Glock Firearms
    Anybody own it/ ever shot it? My wife's thinking about buying one. I like the price and research indicates it's a good 9mm ... I'd appreciate any feedback.
  8. Non-Glock Firearms
    I ran across this and thought about Hornady's Zombie ammo. I guess Ruger is jumping on the Zombie bandwagon too. The Ruger LCP, Zombie Slayer Edition - Guns News and Guns Reviews at
1-8 of 8 Results