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  1. Non-Glock Firearms
    This is a post on the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 rifle, from Mother Russia. Designed in 1889 by a Russian named Sergei Ivanovich Mosin, with contributions by Belgian Léon Nagant, versions of this rifle were widely used by the Imperial Russian Army in WWI, then by the Red Army in the Russo-Finnish War...
  2. Non-Glock Firearms
    In choosing bolt-action rifles, my first priority is excellent accuracy, with a preference for rifles that can put 3 to 5 bullets in one ragged hole at 100 yards. As it turns out, I am happy to give up all the cosmetics for accuracy, as I have done with the subject of this post. My rifle...
  3. Non-Glock Firearms
    The "Garand"…there is one word that is soaked with history. There are dozens of books written about the US Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, commonly known as the "Garand" for its principal designer, John Garand. Issued to U.S. troops in WWII and Korea, this rifle played a significant part in...
  4. Training & Tactics
    Good article I was sent by my buddy Steve. It makes for a good read about using lever action rifles in a self defense scenario. The Combat Leveraction Rifle | Open Source Survival Click the link above to continue reading the article.
  5. Competition
    More and more women embracing gun ownership - CBS News Still trying to push the anti agendas but a pretty decent piece all together.
  6. Non-Glock Firearms
    Looks like I have a new one on the want list. I'll see what some of the guys that are more in the know say about it but this looks promising.
  7. Non-Glock Firearms
    I just went to Walmart to get groceries and as always I strolled through the sporting goods section and they had two different AR's in the display. An optics ready Sig for $879 and another one I can't remember the brand but it was a carry handle version for $949. I couldn't believe, Walmart of...
  8. Non-Glock Firearms
    I am asking for recommendations for a 9mm or .40 carbine. I want a 9mm carbine that I can plink with on my home range. This would not be a tactical or defense weapon, just one to run and gun with. I have an AR and other rifles, but I want pistol caliber rifle to "play" with. I like the...
1-8 of 8 Results