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  1. Reloading
    This is another long-winded post full of Dillon XL650 terminology, directed at the other reloaders on the Forum who use this machine. Having converted my Dillon XL650 from loading .45ACP to 9x19mm, I am making good progress on improving the production rate and reducing the error rate...
  2. Training & Tactics
    Having previously owned a small pocket revolver for carry when my EDC wouldn't work, and currently in the market for another one, I came across this article from PDN related to reloading. I had been shown this method awhile ago and found it very useful. Hopefully someone else will get some...
  3. Glock Tech / Warranty
    I'm trying to get into reloading... i have a turret press and I'm wondering what kind of good target loads people are making? what kind of cast bullets cycle well? i'm thinking pretty low speed stuff. just cheap target practice is what I'm after. I don't need anything top of the line, as long as...
  4. Glock Pistols
    I hope this is the best place to post this... Figured id make a video of my ER practice. no better way to learn then to watch yourself suck. obviously i need to keep training to get the muscle memory of the mag wells location... any other tips?
1-4 of 4 Results