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  1. Training & Tactics
    At my gun club we teach an Action Range Certification class, where I have been one of the instructors for about a year. We teach the grip illustrated in the following photos, which I will try to explain here: 1. Grip the pistol with the strong hand as shown in the first and second photos. Note...
  2. Glock Pistols
    While at the range I noticed my friend shooting with both his hands wrapped around his grip. I do the same thing but use one finger on the trigger guard. He had a 2-3 in group at 7 yards. He was shooting a P226 .45. I was shooting my Glock 22 and I am usually OK with shooting a 6 inch group...
  3. Training & Tactics
    I have asked and received permission to post this video from it's owner. I thought it might be helpful to some that are new to carrying, or that maybe haven't received any qualified training on proper methods. As always, I recommend that you seek out proper training from qualified individuals...
1-3 of 3 Results