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  1. Training & Tactics
    A pretty good introductory article on the Gross versus Fine motor skills required to manipulate a firearm. As you'll notice the key point is to practice. Practice can and should mean anything from live fire to dry fire to just practicing your draw stroke, AFTER you have received quality...
  2. Carry Issues
    Here is a good video providing female carriers with some information on how to carry concealed while wearing a dress. It would be interesting to see the looks at a range when someone was practicing drawing their weapon. :)
  3. Training & Tactics
    GREAT write up on dry fire practice and a suggested routine to follow. Hope you guys find it useful. **ALWAYS remember to make sure your firearm is 100% clear before attempting any dry fire practice. Then check it again before starting and just to be sure, check it once more. Separate the ammo...
  4. Competition
    A firearm forum isn't complete without this question getting thrown out there. I'm thinking about investing some $$ in a shot timer to help with my shooting drills, and am curious to see if anyone in Glockproland has one. I'm shooting IDPA for now, but IPSC/USPSA is calling.
1-4 of 4 Results