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  1. Announcements, Site Help, and Suggestions
    As an FYI to everyone here, the BLOG section has been removed from the website. This may or may not be a permanent move but there was a ton of spamming activity going on in that section on an almost daily basis. Also, to note, there were many blog entries that were simply copies of a post in a...
  2. Announcements, Site Help, and Suggestions
    Most users ever online was 361, Today at 04:03 PM. Woo Hoo :)
  3. Announcements, Site Help, and Suggestions
    This contest runs from the date/time of this posting until March 20th (roughly 1 month). Any Glock.Pro registered user can enter. This is a referral contest - whoever has the most referrals from now until March 19th at 23:59 wins the "Armorer's Pack"! Here are the prizes: - Glock 2-gun...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey, how about a picture of you to go with posts. Let everyone see who they are talking with. This is me. I am the guy n the Black compression shirt on the right.
1-4 of 4 Results