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    just wanted to post this the lazer site is from an company in Cali called SK industries, got there web site contacted them its about a 700.00 job pretty cool, since i paid a ton less for the 19
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    I've noticed that most of the long-time military types on the forum here don't use laser sights. I know a lot of you add lights to you Glocks, and night sights, but not many of you add laser sights. I would think that lasers might be helpful on a carry weapon... or even for home defense. Why...
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    Just purchased a used 19 from a local store, I have bought many handguns from them but this one has a add on laser that I cant find any info for. Well first it seems to be installed by a Pro, the trigger guard was drilled with 4 very small holes and the laser which is no wider then the guard and...