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    I am selling my Glock 19 Gen 3 with two 15 round magazines. I have pictures upon request. I also have a tactical light that will come included. This gun has been fired only 3 times totaling about 100 rounds of target ammunition. I am asking 500 for everything including tactical light and...
  2. Training & Tactics
    This post was written to help those people who are new to pistol shooting to select a firearm, considering several criteria. It is based on practical knowledge gained in pistol shooting competition, and on time spent instructing new shooters on the firing line. We will start with one basic...
  3. Off Topic
    Ok, we have played the X or Y game and it can be fun seeing the answers, so I had an idea to do something like that with a twist. Its starts by posting a yes or no question, then someone answers with yes or no and then posts a question of their own. I'll get it started. If a family member...
  4. Off Topic
    A kid a few towns away took advantage of the newly implemented castle doctrine and shot an intruder. He seemed to know what he was doing. Him and his sister were home alone when a few thugs tried to break in. Henderson teen tells 911 dispatcher: 'I just shot the man' ::
1-4 of 23 Results