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  1. Gun shop / range reviews
    I was wondering what everyone thinks is their dream gun range? I want to know what everyone would want to see when they arrive in a gun range? From the location of the gun range, from the parking lot, to the entrance. What is your perfect gun range look like? What activities would it...
  2. Gun shop / range reviews
    :)Pros: This range has lots of potential. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful. You can rent (from a limited selection) guns for $10. The range has room for pistols and a few for rifles. They sponsor IDPA shoots and bowling pin shoots, etc. Prices are comparable to most other venues but...
  3. Gun shop / range reviews
    This is a new gun range that opened only a few months back. The staff is very friendly. They do not have a caliber restriction on handguns, rifles or shotguns. The range is spacious, very well lit, clean and the air filtration system is excellent. They have the lowest range fee north -...
1-3 of 3 Results