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  1. Glock Pistols
    re: How much will the GSSF coupon save me on my next Glock? How much will the GSSF coupon save me on my next Glock? I've been looking but don't see an actual amount in savings. Thanks:cool:
  2. Competition
    My whole life, I have been "above average" at just about every sport of competitive endeavor I have ever done—golf, baseball, auto racing, mountain bike racing, karting, darts—you name it. Just good enough to enjoy it, but not good enough to compete at any high level. I took up firearms last...
  3. Competition
    Can someone point me in the direction of the GSSF rules concerning sights and pistol classes? I am in the process of getting a G35 Gen4 and would like to change out the factory sights for a set of adjustable 3 dot sights by LPA. I have googled it, hit up the GSSF site, etc and have had no luck...
  4. Glock Pistols
    I am thinking of parting with a Model 17 Gen 1 purchased 9/26/2002 via the GSSF complete with factory engraving commemorating the event. I did have a 3.5# trigger connector installed and textured grip material on left grip. Shoots great and has been a wonderful gun. Any ideas of the value...
  5. Competition
    The GSSF-Griffin match is this weekend. I talked to someone at GSSF today and was told that they had processed 271 entries via pre-registration at that point with more to go. Looks like this is going to be a big one.
  6. Competition
    I was reading a few blogs this weekend from some competitive shooters and saw a discussion on several of them concerning the possible creation of a new division/classification above master in IDPA. The general theme is that this classification would be attainable only through winning sanctioned...
  7. Glock Pistols
    I've got this G17 just laying around with no real job to do these days; so, I'm contemplating turning it into a GSSF Unlimited gun. I was thinking along the lines of a trigger system from along with an extended and ported barrel from Lone Wold Distributors. Of course, if I'm...
  8. Competition
    I've been shooting in Subcompact and Guardian. Last night, I sorted through the numbers for the Competition division looking at the amateur scores. There was one guy that was in the low 50s, but the rest of the top amateur shooters were in the low 70s. I figure the guy that was in the low...
  9. Competition
    I just got in a few ago from the GSSF Conyers match. There were over 700 shooters (largest ever). I'll be back with a full report later. I didn't do quite as good as I had hoped with my G19, but I bet my previous subcompact time by a huge amount.
  10. Competition
    I've been thinking about joining the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation for a while now and finally sent in my membership last Saturday. I joined for a couple of reasons: I'd like to shoot in some matches and get to see others shooting in matches... I have an interest in some of Glock's training...
1-10 of 10 Results