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  1. Glock Pistols
    If there is a thread on this already I apologize, I couldn't find it ... Does anyone carry a Glock 21 concealed? I love my 36, but I'd really like to get (ideally) a Glock 30 or a 21 if I can find one, mostly because of their higher capacity. But the 21 is a handful so I'm curious if anyone...
  2. Glock Tech / Warranty
    I am looking for a smooth trigger for my 36... Which one do I need to order? Thanks
  3. Glock Pistols
    Just picked up a new Glock 36 and ordered a few items for it... 1) 3 mags 2) Remora holster (the best IWB holster) 3) Talon grips (best) I am looking at getting a few mag extenders (+1) and was wondering what is the best. I know there are 2 companies that offer them. Thanks Peace
  4. Glock Pistols
    Hi, I'm new and a pretty new Glock owner. I bought my Glock 36 last year and I've put probably between 500 and 700 rounds through it. I've recently had a problem with my slide stop. It gradually became difficult to release the slide and now it's gotten almost impossible. I'm absolutely no...
1-4 of 4 Results