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  1. Glock Pistols
    Hello all i am just curious to know the difference between these two pistols. Glock 35 MOS Modular Optics System .40 for Public Sale $699 Glock 35 MOS Modular Optics System .40 LE/Mil $558 Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Mel
  2. Glock Pistols
    I'm wondering if anyone else has owned, used, or fired this model. I've done a bit of research on it and it seems like it will be a great gun. I've got a Glock 30 SF and love that gun, but I wanted to get another Glock to add to the "arsenal." I wanted a Glock 21 in the worst way, especially a...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi folks, My name is Mike (Maikeli7 is my online moniker ever since I served in Fiji as a Peace Corps volunteer from '95-97). I'm relatively new to Glock ownership. Bought my first, a Glock 30 SF (used) in March of this year, and I just bought a Glock 35 today. I've had a Sig P226 for years, but...
  4. Glock Pistols
    I do not own a Glock at the moment. I am looking for a long barreled 357 SIG caliber. I came across the Glock 35 .40 caliber. I found where a barrel can be purchased and this can be converted to a 357SIG. I joined the forum today to ask some questions. 1) Will the same .40 magazine hold the...
1-5 of 5 Results