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  1. Product Alerts
    Micro RONI Stabilizer for Glock 19/17 CAA NON NFA Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit for Glock 17,17C,19,19C,22,23,31,32 - $275.95 W/ coupon code "glockpro" (valid until 5/1/18) - Click Here
  2. New Member Introductions
    I am a new gun owner (First handgun). I purchased a used Law Enforcement GLock 22 Gen. 3. Looking forward to hitting the range with some of my Co-workers and friends....Only bummer....I live in California which can make it a little more timely in getting a gun. Can only purchase guns on the...
  3. Glock Conversions
    So, Im thinking about upgrading my barrel... I was wondering what would be a better purchase... a ported barrel or a threaded barrel. What are your thought? The Glockinator
  4. Pistol Classifieds
    The Glock 22 gen 3 has been shot twice and is in perfect condition.NIB 2 magazines hula loader, gun cleaner brush and case I also have one never before used safariland holster All for $500
  5. Glock Pistols
    I am not sure what I have to be honest. Let me restate that a long time ago I bought a Glock 22 Gen 2 with a nickel boron slide and barrel, night sights, additional ported bar sto barrel, both barrels and slide and frame are all matching serial numbers along with a 10 round and a 15 round...
  6. Glock Tech / Warranty
    Hey I have a Glock 22 Gen2 with a Ghost 3.5 connector trigger kit and a NDZ stainless guide rod with a 22lb spring that is all the upgrades I have done. About the second or third shot will not extract the spent cartridge from the barrel anybody had this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks
  7. Carry Issues
    I'm looking for a shoulder holster to carry my G27. I would prefer leather and I feel like if I'm going to spend $75+ I may as well get a good one. I'm leaning towards the Mitch Rosen Express. Does anybody have any experience with them? Or if you have different ideas I'm open to suggestions. Thanks
  8. Glock Pistols
    Hello all. I had a chance to put some rounds down range and I thought I would give a quick report to let everyone know how it did. The first thing I noticed, (and briefly mentioned in a earlier thread), that is was incredibly smooth for a new gun. It was just as smooth, if not better, than my...
  9. Pistol Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a new or used Glock 22 or Glock 23. PM me with description, pics, and price. Thanks
  10. Glock Pistols
    So I am looking at buying my first pistol and have narrowed it down to glocks RTF2 or gen 4. Ideally I would get to shoot both prior, however, I can't find a range that has either to shoot. Sooooooo I have come to the next best thing! I like both of them, have found decent deals on the RTF2 but...
1-10 of 10 Results