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  1. Parts
    SOLD Used Glock 21, .45ACP complete with barrel and recoil spring, has the LCI extractor, OEM Glock sights. I know it will fit gen 2 & 3 receivers and could fit the G30 with an extended G30 barrel (lug issue). Does fit the G4 receivers but I would be hesitant to run it that way. Will ship...
  2. Glock Pistols
    If there is a thread on this already I apologize, I couldn't find it ... Does anyone carry a Glock 21 concealed? I love my 36, but I'd really like to get (ideally) a Glock 30 or a 21 if I can find one, mostly because of their higher capacity. But the 21 is a handful so I'm curious if anyone...
  3. Glock Pistols
    45 Super versus 10 mm Buffalo Bore Ammo 45 Super .45 Super Ammo - 185 gr. J.H.P.(1,300fps/M.E.694 ft.lbs.) - 50 Round Box $53.35 .45 Super Ammo - 200 gr. J.H.P.(1,200fps/M.E.639 ft.lbs.) - 50 Round Box $53.35 .45 Super Ammo - 230 gr. J.H.P.(1,100fps/M.E.618...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Just purchased a G 21 previously used by Kansas High Patrol. Tried to find a thread about this, but couldn't find one? Kind of surprising, unless I didn't search correctly... Still haven't shot it...hopefully today! Looking forward to being in this group!
  5. Glock Pistols
    I'm trying to decide which Glock should be my next. It's either the 20 or 21, I want the big framed Glock. I really wanna buy the 20, basically based off some of the Double Tap ammo videos off Youtube, and to own what Glock claims is their most powerful handgun. I've also been considering the...
1-5 of 5 Results