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  1. Glock Pistols
    Hey all, first post here, new to the whole forum thing. Anyhow recently purchased my first Glock, a gen 3 19, got it used from a friend with only 50 rounds through it. I've taken it out once so far and ran 160 rounds through it. So as of now it's sitting on 210 rounds. In that 210 rounds it's...
  2. Parts
    I have 2 Gen 3 Glock factory mags for the G19. These are in excellent shape and very hard to find. I am asking $45/mag or $85 for both. Thanks!
  3. Glock Pistols
    I'm seeing around the net that the subcompact Glocks (particularly the G26) under the blue label deal only come with 2 mags. although my gun shop advised me that I will get 3mags when it comes in (speaking of the forth gen). is it because I want the Gen 4? don't all gen 4's come from the factory...
1-3 of 3 Results