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  1. Glock Tech / Warranty
    Responding to some concerns about Failure To Eject in another thread, I wondered aloud if Glock’s extractor “claw” is shallow when compared to some other 9mm pistols, possibly explaining to some degree the difficulties we hear about from time to time related to extraction. To be clear, I am...
  2. Glock Pistols
    OK, props to a fellow Glocker for helping me acquire my 2nd G37 to go along with my other G37 ad it's sister G38. With DannyR and Gunny being GAPpers I feel like I'm in esteemed company. I'm still not sure I'm ready to give up my 10mm's yet, but I don't feel undergunned at all when I choose to...
  3. Product Alerts
    16 boxes (800rnds) Speer lawman 185gr TMJ 25 Boxes (500rnds) Speer Gold Dot 185gr GDHP 1 box (50 rnds) Winchester 230gr JHP 1-4 boxes $23.00 per box 5-10 boxes $20.00 per box 11 boxes + $17.00 per box Buyer pays actual shipping
  4. Glock Pistols
    I arrived at the gun shop 30 minutes before it opened today, I could not wait until I brought it home. I was not disappointed at all!!!. I can't explain it, but there is something special about the 38. As I was filling out the paperwork, I couldn't help thinking there are a lot of people missing...
1-4 of 4 Results