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  1. Pistol Classifieds
    Cancelled due to lack of interest.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Greetings Have been reading here for a short time anticipating my G23 purchase. Got it today and have been familiarizing myself with it. Also have a IWB & OWB holster on order. Recently started doing OC with my older handgun but will be mainly using the new one. I appreciate the info and help...
  3. Pistol Classifieds
    G23 Gen3, Excellent Condition. 300 rounds on Frame and slide. 200 rounds through KKM barrel. 500 rounds total. Ghost Rocket 3.5# trigger bar, 6# trigger spring, fully polished trigger internals, Tru Glo TFO sights, extended slide lock lever, extended mag release, Stainless Steel Guide Rod...
  4. Parts
    I have (5) 13-rd Glock 23 LE/GOVT marked mags for sale or for trade. They are in very good - excellent condition. It'll be 20$ shipped each or 90$ for all 5. Looking to trade for: ... 10rd G23 mags ... 5 LE marked hicap mags for 4 preban mags + I'll pay for shipping. ... Preban 13rd G23 mags +...
  5. Glock Pistols
    Hey Everyone! Im about to get a new glock and I cant decide witch one would be best for me. I dont own a glock but have shot a few. I have a KelTek P11 9mm that I have had for a while, but I am wanting something more reliable that I know will get the job done if ever needed. I have been...
  6. Glock Pistols
  7. Glock Pistols
    I'm wanting to buy one of these and like both equally but want the best caliber... 40 or 45? I searched the forum and may have missed it and apologize if this is a common question. The gun is for CC self defiance, I owned a model 17 for years and loved the gun but wanted more horse power than...
  8. Glock Pistols
    My old G37
  9. Glock Pistols
    One of my buddies at work was asking me what I would do if I had the choice of 9mm of .40 cal GLOCK for SD carry. He was asking me about; 17 or 22 at stock length, chop it to compact or subcompact grip 19 or 23 at stock length, full length mags with a sleeve, or chop to subcompact length 26 or...
  10. Glock Pistols
    I'm getting another 30 - Gen 3 30SF (without problems though...) You?
  11. Glock Pistols
    What was your first Glock? What led you to the Glock brand? Was it your first gun? Me: I bought my first Glock, a G23 2nd gen in Jan 06. I chose Glock because I had read about their reliability and ease of take down... I've had about 6 or 7 since then - my favorite being the G30.
1-12 of 12 Results