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  1. Glock Cleaning / Lubrication
    If you're not familiar with this guy he does some pretty decent systematic testing of various products (mostly tools). His voice can be hard to listen to for the entire video at the pace he has to talk but I must say, I've been really impressed with his videos that I have watched. He just...
  2. Glock Cleaning / Lubrication
    What are ya'lls thoughts on white lithium grease for lubricating firearms? What about lubes that contain Petroleum distillates? I've been reading these threads, and I'm down to Ballistol and FL. What are ya'lls thoughts? Give me the good, bad, and the ugly! Thanks
  3. Glock Cleaning / Lubrication
    How-To Field Strip and Clean a Glock With Ashley - YouTube
  4. Glock Pistols
    A while back, Vol did a great write up on lubing a Glock. On ething I'm curious about that I don't recall seeing addressed, was the copper colored grease on the slide that comes factory applied. Is that something I should do after a detail strip or every so often? If so how often? Is it a...
1-4 of 4 Results