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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Wisconsin just passed it CCW law and one gentleman foiled a robbery by shooting a shotgun clad robber. Man Who Shot Aldi's Robber Won't Face Charges - Milwaukee News Story - WISN Milwaukee
  2. Non-Glock Firearms
    Magpul equipped Remington 870 | Gun Nuts Media
  3. Training & Tactics
    Another great article on Personal Defense Network's webpage. This goes to something I speak of frequently as it relates to those that take State mandated training programs to get their Carry License, or take basic Firearms Safety courses and feel they are now prepared to effectively carry a...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    I have been carrying a Novatac SPL-120 for the past couple of years or so. It is starting to fail. I is going through 123A's on almost a weekly basis. I used to go months on a battery. I think the LED or something else is shot on this light. Anyway I not asking what is the best light, but...
  5. Gun Laws
    I thought this was great that so many 2nd amendment supporters came out in droves to apply for their CCW permit. 83,000 Download CCW Applications in Wisconsin - Guns News and Guns Reviews at
  6. Carry Issues
    Got my CCL this week and carried for the first time today. I found myself overly cautious about "printing" and checking peoples faces to see if they would notice. Haha i sure hope that paranoia goes away with time. Its funny cause you would never pay attention to that sort of thing until you...
  7. Carry Issues
    If you carry - where do you keep it in your car? I've read some people attached holsters to the right side of their driver seat.. between console and seat.. If you're in a sitting position and you need to grab your gun sometimes iwb or right side regular holster just won't do..
1-7 of 12 Results