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  1. Glock Pistols
    Anyone notice a lack of 9mm ammo recently? I went to go shooting yesterday and stopped by Bass Pro and ALL the 9mm was cleaned out except for defensive rounds (they did have one UMC mega-250 pack). Then I went to Sportmans Warehouse and they had about 12 9mm NATO boxes left in Winchester but...
  2. Ammunition
    OtinTx posted a thread on the Zombie Max Ammo from Hornady. I thought I'd share the video they made on it. I think the video is cool but the ammo is silly personally.
  3. Glock Pistols
    What does everybody use for ammo. and why? Range and field ammo. I assume are different. I purchased Winchester .40 cal. just for the price and practice but once use to the gun is there something better? Your thoughts.
  4. Ammunition
    Greetings all. After using the search function I decided to start a new thread. If for some reason I missed an already existing thread, I surely do apologize. As a former active duty Marine, I just purchased my first personal firearm ( you can read my member introduction here -...
  5. Ammunition
    Anyone have experience with Cor-Bon DPX 9mm ammunition? I'm starting to look more into personal defense rounds. On a similar note-- I'm looking at a thread that commented about how one of their Cor-Bon cartridges was a squib round. They even posted some pics...
  6. Ammunition
    I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered "canned heat" ammo from Georgia Arms and what their experience with it might have been? Does it run well, no jams, too dirty etc?
  7. Ammunition
    What do you guys prefer for Self Defense rounds Bonded or Classic JHP? What Brands do you recommend?
  8. Ammunition
    I found this while I was checking some .45acp hardball from Sellier & Bellot. I've been using this ammunition for a lot of years. This particular round was obviously ripped open during S&B's loading process. It was empty except for a chunk of brass that fell out. I contacted S&B twice and they...
  9. Ammunition
    I normally buy Winchester white box, from Walmart 100 rnds for $30 or SD rnds at random gun stores. I just got 500 rnds of once fired for $130 shipped from The ammo got great reviews from other glockers. I like the site because you can search for price per...
  10. Ammunition
    Now that my Glock 17 is on the way, I'm looking into ammunition. Like most people, I want some range ammo and some self defense ammunition. I see in other threads here on Glock Forums where people recommend the Walmart White Box Winchester ammunition for range ammo. When I go to the...
  11. Ammunition
    I was wondering everyones thoughts on the subject. Glock says only factory should be used. But due to competition ammo quantity needs and the limited availability of factory ammo, do you still search for factory ammo or do you just go with reloads? Also, If reloading is you primary source of...
1-11 of 12 Results