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  1. Parts
    This is a Brand New Stainless Lone Wolf Longslide Model 21 (fits 20 also) Ready to attach to your Glock 20 or 21 Lower and go bang! SLIDE is Blind marked (no Wolf on it)..LW 45acp 6.61" threaded barrel (shoots all incl.lead) is also blind marked and has Knurled SS thread protecter...All New OEM...
  2. Non-Glock Firearms
    I thought this was a cool article. I always wondered why our armed services dropped the .45acp in favor of the 9mm. I don't mean to say the 9mm is not battle worthy, but I regard the 1911 a better sidearm over the Baretta. It would be cool if they do decide to bring back Browning's ultimate...
1-2 of 2 Results