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  1. Gun Laws
    As y'all know, I'm an expert on California's disdain for the 2nd Amendment, yet I still live here. Yes, the sound you hear is the Irony Police pounding on the door. An opportunity has arisen for me to possibly leave this freedom-hating state, for... wait for it: Arizona!!! Can I hear a "Hell...
  2. Gun Laws
    No champagne on Cinco De Mayo. Not the postscript I hoped to post today. (To "2nd Amendment Makes a Date with New Jersey.") My high hopes for the Supreme Court of the United States are fading fast. But it does beg the question: Any New Jersey resident Glock.Pro members? Comments? <<The lawyer...
  3. Gun Laws
    Anyone following the New Jersey case "Drake v. Jerejian?" Looks like it's been relisted for May 5 SCOTUS case conference. Talk about maybe having a really great reason to drink champagne on Cinco De Mayo... :-) This 2A case was's Petition of the Day* recently. So smart money...
1-3 of 3 Results